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Towards the same goal!

Below you will find the schedule for Runners Club. The schedule will be updated about every second month and is created by our coaches. Runners Club have two workout sessions per week from September to December and three sessions per week from January to September. Two of the sessions are intervals, technique, strength or just a relaxed run and on Saturdays we go for a long run.

Week Monday Thursday Saturday
W 10: 2/3-8/3 Stairs Intervals 180/60 sec Long run Raus / Sunday: Kick Off Day!
W 11: 9/3-15/3 Intervals 120/60 sec 5 k Arenavarvet Long run
W 12: 16/3-22/3 Distance with speed Hills Long run with threshold
W 13: 23/3-29/3 Intervals 3 k + 2 k + 1 k Tabata intervals + strength Long run
W 14: 30/3-5/4 Intervals 1500 m Fartlek Long run
W 15: 6/4-12/4 Intervals 1000+400 + 1000+300 + 1000+200 + 1000+100 m Hills Rest-day
W 16: 13/4-19/4 Rest-day Cross Long run
W 17: 20/4-26/4 Springtime test Distance with hill sprints Long run with hills
W 18: 27/4-3/5 Intervals Hills Long run
W 19: 4/5-10/5 Brandmannastigen Hills Springtime (unofficial)
W 20: 11/5-17/5 Distance with speed Intervals 60/60 sec Long run
W 21: 18/5-24/5 Intervals 1500 m Rest-day Long run with speed
W 22: 25/5-31/5 Hills Laröd Intervals 3 + 2 + 1 k Long run
W 23: 1/6-7/6 Intervals Intervals Rest-day
W 24: 8/6-14/6 Maria Arena 200 + 200 m Hills Kullabyggdens bryggerimara 2020
W 25: 15/6-21/6 5000 m test Distance with speed Rest-day
W 26: 22/6-28/6 Stairs 500 m intervals Long run
W 27: 29/6-5/7 2 k intervals Cross Long run
W 28: 6/7-12/7 Beach intervals 90/30 sec / 60/60 sec Test run 1 half HBGM
W 29: 13/7-19/7 Intervals + Hills 1000 m intervals Långpass with threshold
W 30: 20/7-26/7 Last15 k Intervals and strength Test run 2 half HBGM / HBG Half Marathon
W 31: 27/7-2/8 Hills Longintervaller 25 k mara pace
W 32: 3/8-9/8 Hills Middle intervals Long run
W 33: 10/8-16/8 Trail Hills Long run
W 34: 17/8-23/8 Last 10 k 1000 m intervals Long run
W 35: 24/8-30/8 15 min threshold + 10 x 1 min Kirurgmilen Long run
W 36: 31/8-6/9 Distance with speed Pep och cozy HBGM 2020



Distance run: A calm run that aims to collect kilometers and also as a recovery from the tougher workouts. These workouts build a good foundation for your running.

Long run: A workout that lasts about 90 min and up, its defined depending on the level you are at. If you are new to running it can be shorter, you are experienced and run a lot it can be longer. The pace should be lower than the distance run and the focus is on accustoming the body to be active for a longer time. A key workout for managing the marathon distance.

Interval: An interval is a run where you vary speed by first running a distance fast and then having a rest before running fast again. This is a very good and effective way to vary your training and to become a faster runner. This workout also builds a good foundation for recovery during the run.

“Tröskel”: “Tröskel” workouts are a way of developing your running to be able to run faster over a longer period. What largely determines this is how much lactic acid is formed in the muscles. Lactic acid is formed in the muscles when we run, more when we run fast. The threshold pass is thus used to improve lactic acid threshold level. The workout goes at a slow pace during warm-up and then increases at a faster speed as you run the “Tröskel”.