Together we get better!

Runners Club is a training group where values, fellowship, progress and common goals are in focus. Together with our fantastic coaches we train from October to September three times a week. All of the runners have a common mail goal – Helsingborg Marathon, HOKA Helsingborg Half Marathon and HBGM Stafett.


The year with Runners Club includes 150 training sessions and several activities both on the running track and outside. During the hole year we have an active Facebook group for members only there coaches write about the training sessions, members make there own sessions or ask for advice about equipment, injuries and much more. We work a lot with our community and everyone should feel welcomed on the way to the final goal – Helsingborg Marathon, HOKA Helsingborg Half Marathon and HBGM Relay! Whatever race you will run, we are a proud and big team with Runners, who are all looking forward to each other’s successes during the big race. It should be fun to run!


Autumn: We “Runners” start the autumn easy  to build up strength and a good shape.  We slowly run longer and longer and our focus is to be strong in spring!

Winter:  The winter sessions after New Year will focus on slowly building up distance and speed. We start with our long run on Saturdays. We run a lot of hill sessions and building up a good fellowship during the winter.


Spring: During the spring the races will start and regardless to personal goals we have a few milestones in terms of races. Now we will run more speed sessions and intervalls. In the spring we also have our big Kick Off for members only with training and lecture with a big running profile.

Summer: During the summer we focus on longer long runs and longer intervals to get as well prepared as possible for the big day! We mix sweaty long runs along the sea with long intervals in the forest.