We love what we do

We on Helsingborg Marathon and Filborna Arena has put a lot of energy into finding right coaches who share the values and heart that Runners Club stands for. We have chosen coaches that everyone loves running, come from different backgrounds and want to promote running in Helsingborg. We are incredibly proud and happy that these people will help you get into the best shape of your life.


Favorite session: Intervals of all kinds.

Favorite part of the HBGM course: The last 4 K. A lot of feelings in the air from all runners and the world’s most beautiful finish.

Run preferably: Together with other runners. Nice talk, backs to chase or get chased.

Motto: “Fy fan va kul det ska bli!”

Best running memory: Undoubtedly, all year I had the honor of running as a pacer on Helsingborg Marathon. I love to pep and help other runners to achieve their goals. That is an indescribable feeling!


Favorite session: Intervals

Favorite part of the HBGM course: Fredriksdal. A fantastic and different world in the middle of Helsingborg.

Run preferably: On the track or in the forrest with a map in the hand.

Motto: ”Run faster and you will become faster”

Best running memory: The last 4000 meter of Helsingborg Marathon 2017, when I realize I will accomplish my goal that I have been training for the last year.


Favorite session: A long run with nice company along the beautiful coast of Skåne.

Favorite part of the HBGM course: Do I have to choose ….?

Run preferably: On tracks, along the cost, in the forest and on mountains. Long and slow.

Motto: “Have fun and your motivation and results will come.”

Best running memory: Full Moon Race, my first Ultra (together with Björn Svensson), along the coast in the middle of the night – a fantastic feeling.


Favorite session: 30/15 seconds intervals in a hill.

Favorite part of the HBGM course: Jordbodalen. I have grown up in the area.

Run preferably: In the forest on soft moss.

Motto: “Your body can handle almost everything, it’s the head you must convince..”

Best running memory: When I lives in Tromsø and one day when I  run around Tromsøya. The loneliness, the amazing views and the great feeling of fresh and cold air.


Favorite session: Trail sessions on Kullaberg – everyday of the week.

Favorite part of the HBGM course: The tree alley at Pålsjö Caslte with the magnificent view over the ocean and Denmark.

Run preferably: Trail and Ultra marathon

Motto: ”Be the change you want to see in the world”

Best running memorie: Trans Scania 246k along Skåneleden across Skåne and back. A fantastic adventure and a fantastic inner journey.


Favorite session: Long runs

Favorite part of the HBGM course: The last 195 meters.  De sista 195m. The pennants, the fans and the finish line. It’s magic!

Run preferably: Long runs

Motto: “Run because you like in, not because you have to

Best running memorie: The start of the Helsingborg Marathon.


Favorite session: Not to long, and not to fast. In Sweden we call in “Lagom”

Favorite part of the HBGM course: Pålsjö Castle. Fantastic nature.

Run preferably: Alone with music in my ears.

Motto: “What you do not have in your legs you must have in your head”

Best running memory: When I run Kullamannen for the first time.