We love what we do

We at Helsingborg Marathon and Filborna Arena has put a lot of energy into finding right coaches who share the values and heart that Runners Club stands for. We have chosen coaches that everyone loves running, come from different backgrounds and want to promote running in Helsingborg. We are incredibly proud and happy that these people will help you get into the best shape of your life.


Favorite workout: Intervals of all kinds.

Favorite part of the HBGM course: The last 4 K. A lot of feelings in the air from all runners and the world’s most beautiful finish.

Run preferably: Together with other runners. Nice talk, backs to chase or get chased.

Motto: “Fy fan va kul det ska bli!”

Best running memory: Undoubtedly, all year I had the honor of running as a pacer on Helsingborg Marathon. I love to pep and help other runners to achieve their goals. That is an indescribable feeling!


Favorite workout: Long runs, preferably in fine nature.

Favorite part of the HBGM course: First thing that come to mind is the last 400 m which is fantastic, but I would still have to say the part at Fredriksdal. Outside there’s so much spectators and runners which make the energy level rise to the roof and the second you enter you are in the tranquility and the beautiful surroundings inside Fredriksdal. Nice!

Run preferably: To get new energy and allow the body and head to reach the same balance.

Motto: “Find your why – it’s much easier when you do”.

Best running memory:  When me, Erik and Agnes ran the entire stretch of coast from Copenhagen to Helsingör on a wonderfully sunny day in June. So nice!


Favorite workout: Long run of 100 minutes with a progressive increase in pace and a finish with a 10km at marathon pace. #älskardet

Favorite part of the HBGM course: Both before and after ‘Brunnshotellet’ in Ramlösa brunnspark. There are a lot of people who provide both love and motivation. A fantastic place that fills up the energy reserves.

Run preferably: Together with running friends.

Motto: Let it hurt a bit.

Best running memory: When I passed 32km and calculated that I only needed to complete the last 10km in 47 minutes to achieve Sub3. It gave me incredible calmness (until the pain reminded me at 38km).


Favorite workout: A long run with nice company along the beautiful coast of Skåne.

Favorite part of the HBGM course: Do I have to choose ….?

Run preferably: On tracks, along the cost, in the forest and on mountains. Long and slow.

Motto: “Have fun and your motivation and results will come.”

Best running memory: Full Moon Race, my first Ultra (together with Björn Svensson), along the coast in the middle of the night – a fantastic feeling.


Favorite workout: Treshold – they should be long and between comfortable and uncomfortable.

Favorite part of the HBGM course: HOKA-Half after Bergaliden in Slottshagen. The hill is done and we are in the race.

Run preferably: Together with others or from A to B.

Motto: Finish strong!

Best running memory: Rumania, Poros and the long runs in Stockholm with my wife.


Favorite workout: There’s not much that beats longer intervals with a good feeling and flow.

Favorite part of the HBGM course: Haven’t yet run an entire marathon but I have run the HBGM Relay. Ramlösa Brunnspark is at the top, partly because it is a nice area but especially for the great crowd and race officers that cheer you on when you run past.

Run preferably: In the woods

Motto: Do the best you can with the tools you’ve got.

Best running memory: Hard to choose, running has given me amazing experiences. When I think about it, my favorite memories is always when I had the feeling that everything works during a race.


Favorite workout: Intervals.

Favorite part of the HBGM course: The last 2 500 meters along Sweden’s most beautiful marathon finish.

Run preferably: On holiday with my family. Discover new places in new cities in new countries.

Motto: ”Run faster and you will become faster”

Best running memory: The last 400 meter of Helsingborg Marathon 2017, when I realize I will accomplish my goal that I have been training for the last year.


Favorite workout: A looooong trail run in fantastic nature.

Favorite part of the HBGM course: The tree tunnel at Pålsjö Castle, where you can glimpse Denmark across the Öresund.

Run preferably: With my wife or my sons, because sharing the best I know with the best I know is the best there is.

Motto: Be the change you want to see in the world.

Best running memory: BAMM 50, 2023 – A 2-day mountain orienteering in pairs with my eldest son – carrying backpacks, tents, a kitchen, and all the food on our backs – during over 15 hours of running in fantastic mountain terrain between Riksgränsen and Narvik. It can’t get much better than this!